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  • 24/7 monitoring of your livestock

    Since October 2018, IT Choice has become the official partner of Agri-Alert for Namibia. Agri-Alert monitors the behavior of your livestock and notifies you of any abnormal behavior or when undesirable elements targets your livestock. Undesirable elements include; livestock thieves, jackal, caracal, stray dogs and even wildfires.

  • Hot-Spot

    In todays hospitality industry more and more guests require internet and mail facilities. This can often come to great expense. IT Choice cc uses cutting edge technology to firstly protect the clients network but still enable the guests to make use of the internet facility.

  • Solar Powered Game Cameras

    We all know that you can not be everywhere all the time. With our own Solar powered Game viewing cameras the guests and lodge owners won’t miss any spectacular acivities on their farm. May it be a leopard or maybe a thief trying to steal live stock, this solution will be one of your biggest assets.


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