Custom Application Development

We can program any application according to your needs.

Applications we’ve developed:


Application type: Web-Based

First Released: 2023

Version: 1.0

Status: Active

PayIT is a specialized payroll system meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the needs of farmers. With its comprehensive functionality, this system serves as a centralized repository for storing all employee details, while also facilitating the seamless generation of accurate payslips. PayIT takes into account various factors such as tax deductions, loan repayments, shop purchases, and hours worked, ensuring precise calculations and transparency. One of the key advantages of PayIT lies in its exceptional reporting capabilities, saveing employers considerable time and effort with these monthly tasks.


Application type: Android-Based

First Released: 2022

Version: 3.0

Status: Active

SwipeIT is a locally designed cashless solution. Following a risk based approached, it was specifically developed for cashless payments at events, tuck shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and more. SwipeIT is also packed with features such as a client database and multiple reports while allowing flexible payment options for the individual or group tabs. User friendly, secure and effective; all in SwipeIT.

Workshop Management System

Application type: Web-Based

First Released: 2012

Version: 4.0 (Final Release)

Status: Active

This web-based workshop management application has been meticulously designed with the primary objective of seamlessly overseeing the operations of an entire workshop. By leveraging this comprehensive system, all aspects of job management and costing can be efficiently recorded and tracked. The application not only facilitates real-time monitoring of job progress, but also enables proactive scheduling of service dates. Furthermore, it maintains a comprehensive history of the entire costing associated with each job, ensuring accurate financial tracking and analysis.

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