Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer acknowledges, when signed, that the goods and services referred to on the Work report under the headings “Job Description” and “Used Items / Delivered” have been duly supplied by IT Choice, and that they have been received in good order and condition by the customer.
  2. Accordingly, the customer acknowledges having no claim against IT Choice in respect of the said supply of goods and services, except where IT Choice, acting in its discretion, accepts a respective claim from the customer.
  3. IT Choice shall not consider a claim contemplated in 2 above unless the customer has notified IT Choice in writing and within 48 (forty eight) hours of the alleged defect in the goods or services supplied, specifying requisite details of such defects.
  4. If IT Choice accepts a claim contemplated in 2, the following terms and conditions shall apply:
    • In the case of defective goods, IT Choice’s may, at its option, repair or replace the defective goods.
    • In the case of defective services, IT Choice will only re-execute the defective services. Any goods or services falling outside the scope of IT Choice remedying defective goods and services shall be separately invoiced to and be paid for by the customer.
    • The liability of IT Choice to the customer for any defective goods or services under a claim accepted by IT Choice is limited to the replacement of such goods and re-execution of such services.
    • IT Choice shall not be liable for any losses or damages (including, for the avoidance of doubt, any direct or indirect, subsequent or incidental losses or damages, losses of profit or revenue, or any consequential losses) whatsoever suffered by the customer.
    • IT Choice shall in any event not be liable for the loss of data by the customer, wear and tear on equipment, malfunction or data corruption on account of wear and tear of equipment and external faults. In any event IT Choice’s liability in respect of each and every case shall be limited to the amount paid by you for the goods and services.
    • IT Choice remains the owner of all goods supplied until full payment by the customer of the purchase price therefore.
    • IT Choice shall be entitled to keep the equipment on which goods and services have been expended by IT Choice until requisite payment arrangements to the satisfaction of IT Choice have been made between IT Choice and the customer.
  5. A 50% deposit is requested on all purchases.
  6. Only written orders are accepted.
  7. Once a quote has been signed the client will be liable for all costs.
  8. Pricing may change without prior notification.
  9. When choosing 30 day Account you will only be able to use this credit facility once a trial period of three months (3) is reached. This trial period will be on a COD basis.
  10. All prices are excluding VAT and monthly payable unless otherwise specified.
  11. If an account is not settled in its respective credit facility all services will be suspended until account is settled in full. This applies to COD, 30 Day and Clients with Service Level Agreement Accounts, furthermore:
    • You will find your account type on the bottom of all our invoices, quotes and statements.
    • Unfortunately we will also not accept any bank cash deposits unless the client also includes the bank charges / cash handling fee in the amount.
    • If remitting payment via EFT (Electronic Bank Transfer) please provide your Account name as a Reference.

COD (Cash on Delivery) Accounts

  • Any items (Hardware & Software) serviced and / or repaired by IT Choice cc have to be paid in full upon collection. No order (Hardware & Software) will be processed if the 50% deposit is not paid up front. Upon collection or delivery the other 50% is payable. If no payment can be made, IT Choice cc will remove all the items until account is settled in full.
  • Services (Labor) rendered by IT Choice cc must be paid within Seven (7) working days from date of invoice. Failure to do so will result in all services, hardware and / or Software to be paid upfront and in full.

30 Day Accounts / Service Level Agreement Accounts

  • Any items (Hardware & Software) will not be ordered nor released if a 50% deposit is not paid up front.
  • 30 Day accounts will be awarded a credit facility based on the amount purchased from IT Choice cc and their timely payments respectively. Clients with a Service Level Agreement will be covered by this credit facility.
  • Service Level Agreement Client accounts that are not settled within 30 days will forfeit their credit facility.
  • Clients that have no Service Level Agreement, but have a 30 day account with us will fall back to a COD account if payment is not made within 30 days from date of Statement.