About Us

Service & Support are two of the main factors driving IT Choice cc.  Since the beginning, we believed that strong business relationships can only be formed if these two factors are present. This is not an empty declarations of intent, but this is daily lived.

IT Choice cc was formed in March 2005 by Richard Lowe. Starting of as a two man business our main focus was to advise clients on how to implement state of the art but yet cost efficient IT-Infrastructures. In the next couple of years IT Choice continuously added more and more services to their portfolio to compensate for the ever growing demand.

Due to the constant growth of our company and its portfolio, our team has acquired a superb set of skills over the years which form a outstanding basis for a strong and healthy business relationship. We pride ourselves being one of only a few companies that not only provide an excellent customer orientated service but also provide a cost effective state of the art All-In-One solution.

Consider IT Sorted!